Random Post #1

Okie doke… I know I do not actually post very often; I mainly share links, white papers, info, random shite, etc. yet, I feel I should detail some of the things I am currently working on / contemplating / procrastinating over and/or attempting at and failing miserably. Soon, I hope to do an article on using a Nokia N900 with Reaver against a Rangemax with WPS and also my dodgy way to MITM with Android. I am continuously testing out different Linux distros and PartedMagic is my go to man for my diagnostics, backup, partitioning, etc. and Backtrack is my playground, Mint being my stable turn-to and Kaspersky Live CD and SystemRescueCD for malware and AV. I am also, yet again; soon, to setup Windows Server 2008 R2 and I work remotely on an SBS 2011 system as well as a plethora of sites and various web idiocies. I appreciate anyone checking out the blog and if you are anything like me then you wont bother to comment or contribute and just read it, retain it and get on with it (mi casa es su casa). “The blog is not meant for anything super, it is just as much a resource and informative medium for me as much as it is for anyone else. I hope I can provide info on a broad enough spectrum for the beginner to the guru, the perplexed to the pro. Any suggestions, let me know. Any complaints, you know where to go. Thanks everyone. Enjoy.


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